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From prehistoric to peak performance: Pelican takes flight!

What is Pelican?

Pelican is the ultimate, free game server control panel offering high flying security. It's a breeze to manage your servers with our sleek and user-friendly interface. And thanks to Docker, they all run in their own safe space.

Why use Pelican?

Updated Interface

Intuitive interface, one click installations, comprehensive documentation, active community support, automatic updates.

Free to Use & Open Source

Pelican is 100% free to use forever for your self, friends, family, and others. All of our code is completely open source on GitHub.


We support Minecraft, Terraria, Palworld, Valheim, Enshrouded, Factorio, and so much more. Check our eggs out, we like them scrambled!

Powered by Docker

Each server is ran in its own container and completely isolated. This allows you to use almost any of your machines with Pelican.

Scaleable to the Sky

Whether you're some friends that want to play together, or a gaming community, we've got you covered.


Pelican takes security extremely seriously and natively supports SSL, 2FA, AES-256 encryption, and more.

Shots of the Screen


User List

Create Node

Node List

Create Server

Create API Key

These are the current prerelease screenshots.

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